NICHE Services

Beyond analyzing your financial statements and addressing your audit and assurance needs, we offer a coherent, solutions-based approach catered to your industry’s unique complexities.

Whitespace Global develops strategies for clients from small businesses to large corporations. We understand your goals, the unique challenges you and your business face, Our Niche service offering helps your organization strategize and plan for the future. The industry experiences our people have, coupled with the international network, allows us to provide service expected from an international firm while having the feel of a local business partner.

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Customer Experience audit is a comprehensive assessment of your target customers’ interactions with and perceptions of  brand. In general, it considers all of the key ‘touchpoints’ during customer’s shopping journey, from finding and choosing brand or product penetration, positioning to interactions after the sales.


Whitespace Global has expertise in providing customer service training program for companies who want to create a stronger service culture that builds loyal relationships with their customers and a better environment for their employees.


For a business to succeed, it has to adapt to the evolving behavior of its customers. Over the past few years, customers are  rapidly using multiple communication channels to interact, communicate, and purchase, Whitespace Global assists clients  in measuring and adopting cross channel strategy for collecting customer data in order to stay relevant and effective.


When you work in a customer-oriented business, it’s important to get feedback from people who reach out to your customer service team. Having partnered with various research agency Whitespace Global assists you  to create expert-certified customer service survey & feedback template to assess and improve customer satisfaction.


In the digital age, business have too much customer data at their disposal. yet they find it difficult to identify their audience. Whitespace Global uses different insights tools to build understanding of the opportunities for an business to create value for a client either via client’s customer management reports or using the raw, source data of customers





It is of immense importance for every company to carry out physical verification process in each financial year. Our approach to verification is to conduct a line-by-line reconciliation of fixed assets accounting records to assets found during the physical inventory taking process. Whitespace Global comprehensive approach cleanses and fortifies the fixed asset register to establish a strong foundation for effective fixed asset management.

One of the major challenges faced by organizations is to have a regular verification of the fixed assets owned by them. At times when, the management is not sure of the existence of all the fixed assets that reflect in records, the only answer is to conduct comprehensive fixed assets and inventory verification exercise. We help clients to carry out fixed assets and inventory verification. We render services in the following areas:

  • Identification and physical verification of assets at group / entity level to match the physical records with books of accounts

  • Review process for FAR updating and reconciliation

  • Assess accuracy of asset categorization and accounting

  • Review stock stacking and labeling

  • Identify ERP and Non-ERP items

  • Tagging and bar coding of fixed assets for easy identification

  • Asset Photography and geo-tagging

  • Capitalization and Fixed asset maintenance and FA accounting

  • Determination of Ghost assets

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service audits

The different analyses, recommendations, and strategies that can go in a digital audit vary widely. There’s certainly some must-haves, but there are plenty of should-haves and could-haves, too. Whitespace Global takes holistic look at the digital strategy through the lens of metrics and evaluate the deliverables and expectations. A digital audit is a comprehensive, customized report designed to help your organization use digital to most effectively meet your goals.

Digital Benchmarking & Potential

Whitespace Global analyzes and identifies valuable information by conducting an initial competitor analysis to benchmark all KPIs that are relevant for client’s digital property. Our subject matter experts are able to derive strategic implications that lead to a detailed strategic plan thereafter.

Conversion & Objective Measurement

The goal of a digital marketing strategy is to generate leads and convert leads into sales. In order to set up measurable objectives, our team analyzes current online conversion funnel (prospect ⇒ lead ⇒ sales) from the bottom up. It is crucial to identify areas of improvements and evaluate set objective.

Competitive Analysis

Whitespace Global believes in providing services that uncover opportunities to outperform the competition and differentiate your brand. By highlighting the key performance indicators in areas of Audience Growth, Content Distribution, Content Engagement, Marketing Channels and so on and so forth

Digital Audit Framework:

 Our Digital audit framework provide recommendations based on the audit findings and give client an understanding of next steps to:

a) build off the positive elements of digital portfolio and

b) work to improve those not serving your business as well.




Mergers and Acquisitions transactions typically raise complex financial, regulatory and operational issues for clients, Whitespace Global team has expertise in providing financial & strategic advisory to their clients who are in process of transaction, merger & acquisition, joint venture of another business. We advise our clients through out the Deal advisory cycle from planning  pre-deal strategy to post – deal integration.

Due Diligence (Financial & Technical)

Due diligence is carried out for a potential investment or product to confirm all facts, such as reviewing all financial and technical records. Whitespace Global ensures that the investments fund are in line with its key benchmarks and that the fund is not invested outside of its mandate.

Valuation & Restructuring

The speed of business dynamics demands, the business organizations to revamp their internal inorganic business strategies like valuation, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers etc., Whitespace Global specialize in providing Valuation & restructuring services that integrate accounting, financial reporting, tax planning, corporate transactions and regulatory compliances that results in faster pace of growth, effective utilization of resources, These restructuring strategies work positively for the business both during the time of business prosperity and recession.

Post-Deal Integration

Post Deal integration is one of the key challenges that the business faces parallel to running their core business operations, many of the organization fail to achieve its strategic aims on account of integration, Whitespace Global assist the client in navigating through these issues and challenges by setting up efficient integration strategies and support in implementing the same.

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property advisory

The challenge is for organizations to understand the value of their intangible assets for the purpose of potential business growth opportunities. Whitespace Global helps in partnering Intellectual Property (IP) to generate income through licensing, sale, commercialization of IP-protected products or services.

Concept Creation

Our unique concept screening methodology is designed to help you prioritize a broad range of new ideas to identify the ones with the most consumer potential. By first understanding your needs for a screening system, we work together to agree on the scope of the technique. By applying the technique with consistency, we are able to capitalize on the power of our historical database of norms to make the study process fast and cost-effective


Licensing & Compliances

Whitespace Global reviews clients IP using specialized tools coupled with detailed manual analysis to assess the risk and viability of the assets. Developing recommendations for value extraction from existing and future intellectual assets within client portfolio. Licensing, royalty, cost, pricing and compliance testing.

Portfolio Management

Whitespace Global expertise track record of identifying valuable IP assets and develop strategy to maximize asset-driven revenues while also reducing overall program costs. IP owners are loosing revenue in continually paying for maintenance fees and further prosecution on assets that may not be enforceable. We help such IP owners in identifying such issues, address and manage their portfolio effectively.

Due Diligence

We identify and assess the quality and extent of a business IP assets and map against underpin existing and future revenue streams. Whitespace Global analyze existing and future IP that is pivotal to securing competitive advantage, and highlight any IP risks that should be addressed which are critical in terms of commercial risk.

IP Re-structing & Valuation

Businesses use their Intellectual Capital to develop their products and services, and to provide these to their customers, with the aim of providing customer delight, At Whitespace Global we provided IP restructuring services. These include identifying the core IP, providing a valuation of such IP, and restructuring the IP in a way to protect it from operational risk



The emergence of corporate social responsibility reflects a world that increasingly expects, values and often demands accountability and responsibility for our actions, both as individuals and as businesses. Whitespace Global services range from highly quantitative and audited metrics on sustainability initiatives to human-interest stories that feature community involvement to corporate governance measures that ensure transparency.


Objective & Evaluation

Whitespace Global undertakes Monitoring and Evaluation of CSR projects on behalf of Corporate and Funding agencies. Concomitant Monitoring & Evaluation helps in effective, accountable and sustainable implementation of CSR projects. We also leverage social media consulting across social media through Strategy & Planning, Content Creation & Posting, Community Building, Analyzing & Measuring Outcome to drive the CSR campaign of their clients.


Independent Social Audits

Corporate social responsibility audits ensure an independent and objective process and outcome. Whitespace Global performs independent audit which help the, clients in getting important information, instrumental in fine tuning their social responsibility policies, in the strategic piloting and control of social, environmental and governance risks and also in enhancing the social responsibility relevance of the operational objectives of their organizations.


Planning & Strategy

Whitespace Global provides assistance to the clients in planning strategies towards taking up structured CSR initiatives in their operational areas. Depending upon the sector the company belongs, we undertake primary and secondary research at Industry level, Company and Community level to design relevant initiatives.

SROI & Assessment

Whitespace Global conducts Social return on Investment (SROI) analysis to understand and quantify the social, environmental and economic value created by a CSR activity planed by an organization, it helps to determine how capital can best be leveraged for the most impact. 

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DISpute resolution


In spite of the best efforts of all business participants, few projects encounter unexpected conditions or events which lead to claims and disputes. Whitespace Global finds equitable solutions to the most untraceable issues which require resolution. we work to find negotiated settlements based on establish facts, risk assessment and closure with corrective actions.

Invoice & Billing Disputes

Managing customer disputes is a key step in the selling process of a business. Indeed, disputes are the consequences of all the existing issues in company's internal processes.


Brand Disputes

Brand disputes arise if you are using a name or other brand symbol. As it is not widely appreciated however it is necessary to check the trademark registers before using a name, brand name disputes are one of the most common ones we see.


Contractual Disputes

Resolving conflicts with vendors typically involves establishing an agreement on desired performance, monitoring services and determining the quality and value of the results.

Claim Disputes

It’s important to keep records of possessions and documents that prove ownership and the value of the items, in case of claim to be made. However, in reality claims often disputed intentionally or un-intentionally which requires scrutiny.

Collection & Settlement Disputes

Improve management of past-due accounts and reduce days-sales-outstanding to accelerate cash flow. Automate the escalation of billing disputes, proactively manage overdue receivables, and prioritize collections efforts for maximum success.

Commission Payout Disputes

Incentive / Commission payout is one of an organization's most strategic and powerful aspects from business aspect. However, if managed incorrectly, it can quickly breed mistrust, demotivate and stifle performance.


data analytics and

Process Automation

The emergence of data analytics and ease of business through automation has transformed traditional business methods to organized digital operations. Intensified analytics has led to evolution of emerging trends in this digital and advanced technological era.

Automation of data is the most effervescent technology driving businesses to achieve organizational excellence. Data automation model has facilitated business owners in leveraging the various factors without deep-diving into data complexities. Automation generates precision in the business process and hence, our analytics professionals have self-enabled themselves to learn and customize data language for automated predictive analysis to resolve client specifications of their business problems.

Whitespace Global designs audits and examines to provide a value-added perspective to enhance financial management, operations, and accountability. It’s a powerful lens for illuminating the current state of an enterprise, providing insight that can enlighten future aspirations.

Our data analytics service is about a set of processes of incorporating data into decision making. Our process-based approach is help companies to quickly respond to changing business conditions and anticipate market changes. Most importantly, we are helping them in developing different business scenarios and helping them understand how they ought to react to these changing market conditions.

  • Financial Analytics'

  • Business Intelligence

  • Audit Analytics

  • ERP & IT Analytics

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bespoke' services

By combining industry-specific know-how with cutting-edge business management services to ensure our clients get increased efficiency and better performance. Whitespace Global provide end-to-end business solutions with a customized mindful approach to empower businesses to transform and reach to next level across various industries and verticals.


Publication Content & Articles

Many of our clients are new towards publication of content and articles seek us out to develop a long-term plan to publish their content / articles and establish their voices in current competitive market. Whitespace Global develops a concrete plan to begin publications for the best suited target.


Market Research & Benchmarking

Whitespace Global help organization to understand their strength, establish baselines, implement best practices and identify the opportunities and gaps that need to be addressed to maintain its competitive edge. Ensure right market intelligence and incorporate a continuous benchmarking process into organization’s culture to keep ahead in the competitive market space and positioning.


Creative Services

Whitespace Global partners with organization in realizing their dreams through expression of creativity. Our team has vast hands-on experience in the field Design, Photography, Multimedia, Content Creation and Market Communication for desired results through target audience.

Social Media Engagement

Whitespace Global leverages social media consulting across social media through Strategy & Planning, Content Creation & Posting, Community Building, Analyzing & Measuring Outcome. We believe in providing organic growth and engagements to generate desired results.

On-Shore & Off-Shore

We provide on-shore and off-shoring activities for many different companies – from small businesses to listed groups. Whitespace Global is aware of the challenges and are able to provide individual and comprehensive consulting to organization by allowing them to drastically reduce their costs without sacrificing quality or flexibility.

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Whitespace Global delivers innovative solution pertaining to business dynamics and complexity. From maximizing customer lifetime value to streamlining service to boosting efficiency, we help the world’s leading brands solve problems fast and transform for tomorrow. Whitespace Global clients make better decisions and with real-time artificial intelligence and automation. We’ve built our scalable architecture and low-code platform to stay ahead of rapid change. Our solutions save people time, so our clients’ employees and customers can get back to what matters most.

AI is far better at predicting behaviour than the human mind. AI can also develop value systems we can’t explain, leading to questionable decisions that seriously impact our lives.

First-time AI Adoption

We assess your technological maturity and readiness for AI-driven automation and follow you through all the stages of adopting artificial intelligence in your business operations.


AI Audit & Re-engineering

Our experts review algorithms, underlying business logic, architecture, usability, and security of your AI system which underperform or fall short of meeting stakeholders’ expectations.

AI Expansion

We assist you move past the proof of concept stage and scale your AI transformation company wide for a broader and more rewarding impact. Our artificial intelligence consultants will work on your long-term AI strategy to create a sustainable, cohesive AI-driven ecosystem for your business.

Data Preparation

We recognize that no AI system can run on poor or corrupted data. That’s why we audit and verify your data along with the related workflows and supporting infrastructure.

Decision Making

We help build smart systems where AI can identify trends, anomalies, and growth hacking opportunities in your operational processes to assist in informed executive-level decision making.