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Compliance & Regulations

Service Description:

Having a strong compliance environment and adequate oversight controls are vital elements in ensuring that companies are able to respond appropriately to technological abuse or failures. Whitespace Global establish an inclusive, comprehensive framework to implement more advanced controls for detecting non-compliance.


White Space Global Experts:

White Space Global team assists in reviewing the prevailing governance policy and suggests methods to reinforce management operations. Our scope includes the identification and assessment of compliance and regulatory risks in the ongoing processes. Also, we provide industry specialists who design and implement compliance frameworks in the most cost-effective manner. We help analyze policies and procedures to identify flaws in the current structure and modify the existing design to prepare & implement controls that serve to assimilate deficiencies for effective compliance program in a complex business environment.

Key Deliverables:

  • Compliance - Polices & Procedure Design

  • Risk Assessment - Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance - Reporting & Assessment

  • Technology Support - Compliance

  • Design Model - Compliance Review

  • Compliance Testing - Process Implementation

  • Compliance - Due Diligence

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