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Fraud & Forensics

Service Description:

Deception is a serious hindrance for any organization which has a direct impact on the financial health of the business. Fraud, as the word suggests creates a direct impact of the long-term sustainability of business and unquestionably affects the momentum of business operations. As every business operates in an uncertain environment, corporates are attentive on methods to alleviate the antagonistic melt down due to such frauds to safeguard the survival of their company. Whitespace focuses on going beyond numbers and understand what they denote and unveil the reality suppressed in a professional format. Our forensic experts’ insights and skillsets facilitate us to dig out and unearth discrepancies even if the truth has been mystified on purpose.


White Sspace Global Experts:

White Space Global reveals essential facts and provides comprehensive insights, analysis and figures relating to financial & operational frauds. It brings a high level of technical prowess to work, applying detailed understanding and collecting evidence throughout investigation, opinions & testimony. Our professionals have extensive investigations experience and are supported by a network of independent investigators to perform independent third-party interviews and investigations comprising of ex-police personnel, compliance officers and IT experts. We are equipped with financial services professionals to investigate the records – personal and business to excavate complex business situations and prevent potential losses to any organization.

Key Deliverables:

  • Corporate Fraud - Detection, Prevention and Deterrence

  • Internal Investigation

  • Extrication of Complex Transactions

  • Funds and Asset Tracking

  • Anti-fraud Control - Design and Implementation

  • Fraud Management System - Implementation & Review

  • Fraud - Prevention Framework and Procedures

  • Fraud Assessment Review - Internal & External Fraud

  • Corporate Whistle Blow

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